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Jul 10, 2011 6:30pm EDT
been seen as the party of big spending in government. right now, voters are in a position where they want to see less spending. one gets down to specifics, they are more on the side of democrats. the paul ryan plan is very unpopular but the measures the democrats propose like increasing taxes on the wealthy and ending subsidies for corporations is very popular the democrats need to reach a credibility threshold on fiscal issues. they need to be willing to say that we need more government accountability. if they can agree to a down payment and get a boat on the record of cutting spending, it helps them reach that far. they want to move to a larger debate where the public is on their side about priorities and what is the next step. they want to from that republicans want to eliminate medicare for those under 55. they can cut some things that will affect the middle class since seniors but we want to end the subsidies for oil companies and the jets owners. if they can get bear rather than debate about cutting spending more or less, going into 2012, there will be a good position. hos
Jul 3, 2011 6:30pm EDT
] >> of the gop republican priority no. 5 was the reckless domestic budget which extends tax breaks for big oil, cuts education, lifesaving medical research. it cost americans 1.7 million jobs by 2014 with 900,000 jobs lost next year. let's get rid of these guys. >> another example of what the democrats do what we are in the majority -- the children's health insurance program, providing health care for 4 million more children. we did that right out of the gate when the democrats took the majority. >> i get to do all of the republican priorities and you get to the democratic priorities? here is what they get -- if they don't have health care, don't get sick. there repealed patients' rights and limited health care for 32 million americans and allow insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. they increased premiums for families and small businesses. boo. >> when the democrats had the majority, we pass the american recovery a reinvestment act cause save the economy from going off the brink, cut sad -- cut taxes for small businesses and invested in building american and the st
Jul 4, 2011 12:30am EDT
are too big to fail, and that policy has failed. but the one thing that will not fail, for it is to majestic to ever letdown lady liberty, is you, the sovereign american people. [cheers and applause] through your hard work in your principal devotion to bequeathing to your children a better america, have no doubt that we will restructure the government for the future so that it is citizen-driven. we will restructure the wall street banks so we can grow our economy and shape the next american economic century. [applause] we will defend america from her enemies, and we will always support our brave men and women in uniform that are sacrificing so much for our security and liberty. we will expand freedom to the oppressed to ensure freedom at home for ourselves and we will stand steadfast with our allies in this endeavour, notably over deer ally, israel. [applause] and all those seeking to break off the shackles of oppression, be it in iran's green revolution or in a communist oppressed blends guzman revolution, or be it those who stand up to chavez or decastro in latin ame
Jul 17, 2011 9:30pm EDT
to be watched this half-hour or catch a conversation with another candidate who has already appeared. a big thanks to mitt romney. thank you. [applause] >> our political coverage continues with the discussion on how democratic activists feel toward president obama and the debt reduction talks. this is about 45 minutes. dot org you thofrment also the vice president of the center for american progress. appreciate your time. let me share with you this headline from the washingn examiner. the president's prospects with regard to re-election. is this moment and maybe this week a make or break moment for the president? caller: i think so. heading into a deadline of august second and the deal has got to happen this week in order for the nations economic rate togeer survive. i think the bond agencies have h said you have to have long-term repercussions so it's important they get that deal this week and you have to strike that grand bargain. that's where president obama said you have to go over the long-term. in order to have sca debt reduction you have to have taxes particularly on the wealthy. pa
Jul 25, 2011 12:30am EDT
represented on them but a number were still ter toys in 1897. each of the big semicircular windows. there are fields of -- seals of the states franking the seal of the u.s. -- flanking the seal of the u.s. you have eight allegorical female figures in plaster at the upper level of the reading room, representing the highest pursuits of the human mind. art, philosophy, history, law, and then on the balustrade at the next level down, bronze statues, two in each bay. >> they make a triangle to the female figure up above. if you see two bronze statues next to each other, they don't relate to each other but to the female figure beside them. art is flanked by michelangelo and bay tovep on the other side. the other great feature of the room that a lot of people miss, because it's at the entrance, the great clock by john flanagan. it's not just to tell you what time it is, it is to advise you to be mindful of your time and use it well and we're all here only for a certain period. so as my grandfather would say, make hay while the sunshines. >> the theme of european art mixed with american hi
Jul 10, 2011 9:30pm EDT
more minutes and shake your hands, but let's give a big thank you for showing up. thank you, governor hudson, for coming. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] [unintelligible] [crowd sounds] >> we have a church service here tomorrow. we have to rearrange it, but that is all. [crowd sounds] [crowd sounds] [crowd sounds] >> c-span has launched a new easy to navigate web sites for politics and the financial race with no -- and the race with links to c-span media partners in the early primary and caucus states. visit us. >> a meeting of the white house dropped and at the white house as president obama met with congressional leaders for an hour and 15 minutes to talk about the deficit reduction plan. the white house put together a package with 4 trillion dollars of cuts, but john brynner said republicans would not accept a plan that includes tax increases. they want a plan that includes between two trillion dollars and four trillion dollars in cuts developed by joe biden, and mitch mcconnell echoed the r
Jul 24, 2011 6:30pm EDT
of our country. to me, if we did that in a very bold manner, a big manner, you then start to create a demand. the demand comes up and you put people back to work. that would tell the markets out there that we are moving ahead aggressively and boldly. we are not shrinking. we're not retracting. but we will expand and grow and that would stimulate further private investment. that is why i say that we are on the wrong track. we're arguing about these things. it is dismaying to me to see a president of the united states from my party who seems to accept the fact that we are on the wrong track. i was hoping he would be more bold on the jobs creation effort. ron wyden gave a great speech on the senate floor. i was talking on this very issue. we need more people talking about it. that is why leo, hugh, and a task force and what you have been doing here, we have to be focusing on the single most important thing, putting people back to work, not reducing the deficit. that can come later. but to cut spending now is like putting leeches on a sick person. you will just leave them more and make
Jul 18, 2011 12:30am EDT
, conspired to smear lord ashcroft, and members opposite -- big discounts in order to try to undermine this. he knew about this then. why was nothing done? >> i have to say to the house that i am surprised that this debate, which started with our desire to protect the life of innocent children, should end up with the conservative party more interested in defending lord ashcroft. mr. speaker, i would have thought, i would have thought, that if the honorable member felt there were so many abuses in news international that he knew about at the time, then he would have advised the then leader of the opposition. >> i think the member for giving way. giving way. it is nice to see him in the chamber. >> listen carefully to the honorable member. listen carefully. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i have listened to the honorable member as he has outlined this. can i ask him, does he regret that the previous government held a slumber party for rupert murdoch and for rebekah at checkers? >> i have come to a debate on the future of the media on an issue where the prime minister of this country is set to answ
Jul 17, 2011 6:30pm EDT
. you may hit an artery. you may sever a bone. we do have to cut. that's a big part -- we a cut, raise revenue and invest. but let's start a conversation with what world we are in. not who can throw the biggest number on the table and the most stubborn about saving something were cutting something. it is an idiotic debate we're having and unworthy of our country. this is a whole other theme in the book which we do not have time to talk about. we did not get here by accident. you did not get where you are and i did not get our i.m. on my own. yes there is a lot of people out there is as i got this and i'm going to keep the government out of my life. you got here as a product of the greatest public-private partnership in the history of the world. that's how you got here. and we call this americas at formula for success. it has five parts. we educate our people up to and beyond what ever the level of technology is starting with universal primary and then post secondary education. we invite the world immigrants in, those with low skills and those with high skills, the first round intellect
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)